Inspection and Test Plan for Switchgear & MCC’s Installation with Inspection Checklists

Inspection And Test Plan Template For Switchgear & MCC

Get the Editable ITP Template for the Inspection and Test Plan for Installation of Switchgear And MCC’s with Inspection Checklists to use them at construction sites.

The cost of this template that is less than the cost of an hour of your time.

This template contains editable MS Word & Excel files that you can use and update as per the specifications and requirements of the project you are working on.

What You Will Get With This MCC & Switchgear Inspection & Test Plan Template

This ITP Template includes the following 3 main components:

1 – Quality Control Procedure (QCP) for Installation of Switchgear And MCC’s

This is a document that explains in details how to perform the inspection and testing activities on this system.

Quality Control Procedure For Switchgear And Motor Control Centers


2 – ITP – Inspection And Test Plan for Installation of Switchgear And Motor Control Centers

The complete table of inspection and testing activities with responsibilities, acceptance criteria, and required checklist to record results.

ITP For Switchgear And Motor Control Centers

3 – MCC & Switchgear Inspection Checklists

Total 19 forms:

  1. Inspection of Switchgear.
  2. Inspection of Motor Control Centers.
  3. Inspection of Metal Enclosed Bus.
  4. Inspection Test Record for Protective Relays by Secondary Injection.
  5. Current Transformer Primary Injection Test Report.
  6. Voltmeter & Ammeter Relay Test & Secondary Injection Test Report.
  7. Current Transformer Magnetizing Curve.
  8. Testing of Low Voltage Switchgear and Motor Control Centre Circuit Breakers.
  9. Low Voltage Switchgear and Motor Control Center (LV Circuit Breaker).
  10. Testing of HV/MV Circuit Breakers.
  11. Inspection of HV/MV Circuit Breaker.
  12. Voltage Transformer Test.
  13. Current Transformer Test.
  14. Low Voltage Switchgear Motor Control Center Fused Switch / Isolator Check.
  15. Electrical and Instrument Grounding Inspection Report.
  16. Circuit Breaker and Contactor Primary Injection Test Report.
  17. Earth Leakage Trip Devices Test Report.
  18. Inspection of Earth Continuity Test of Field Equipment.
  19. Over, Shortage and Damage Report.

Here’s a screenshot from one of the different Quality Checklists available in this MCC’s & Switchgear ITP Template:

Quality Inspection Checklists For Switchgear And Motor Control Centers

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