Buy Inspection And Test Plan Templates

Purchase these editable Inspection and Test Plan Templates for Construction Works here and save the time on yourself instead of starting from scratch!


The cost of each template is less than the cost of one hour of your time.


Every template consists of the following:

  1. QCP – Quality Control Procedure for Electrical Works: An MS Word document that explains in a step-by-step procedure how to do the quality inspection and testing activities for installing a specific item, e.g. electric motors, diesel emergency generators, electrical cables, …etc.
  2. ITP – Inspection and Test Plan for Electrical Works: An MS Word document that consists of a table that shows each activity in one row, mentioning the responsible party of doing each part, the role of the owner’s engineer, the number of the related checklist to be filled, the criteria for success of each test/activity, …etc.
  3. Electrical Works Quality Inspection Checklists: MS Word & Excel checklists and forms that are can be printed out and filled for each item to be tested.


All the above documents are created in editable MS Word & Excel files so that will save you the time instead of starting from scratch, but you can customize them for your own project by adding the project name, parties involved, custom specifications for the items to be inspected, …etc.



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